No post beep or video output in first build.


Nov 23, 2010
I have decided to build a computer, and it seems as if I will be unable to finish the build.
When I turn on my computer, the fans spin (fans are connected to mobo), the CPU and GPU fan spins, and the hard drive and optical drives also work. However, I do not hear a post beep from the motherboard, or any noise at all(I do have a case speaker connected to the motherboard). I have tried to remove the RAM, video card, and all other connections from the motherboard (except power), but I still hear no beeps indicating an error. My motherboard also has a feature called Dr. Debug which provides codes to help troubleshooting, but it will not turn on at all.

What I know:
There is no video output from both the video card and the CPU
The motherboard is receiving power
There is the same outcome with and without the case
CPU pins do not seem to be bent
Power supply works
Monitor works
All fans that are connected to the motherboard work
Clearing the CMOS does not work
Standoffs are installed properly
Front panel connectors work
Reset button on the motherboard and the case has no effect
All cables are properly connected in their proper slots/positions.

Case : HAF X
PSU : AX850
Mobo : ASRock Z68 EXTREME4 GEN3
CPU : i3 2100
GPU : 6870 HD

I think that either the motherboard or CPU may be DOA. Please help.