Question No POST, no beeps after restarting Windows or reset switch

Jan 2, 2021
Hello. Recently a problem appeared on my relatively old PC. I can't really think of what would've caused it, but after pressing "Restart" in Windows or pressing a reset switch, the computer won't post anymore, until I force shutdown (hold the power button for a few seconds) and turn it on again. I also plugged in my PC speaker to listen to beep codes, but there weren't any.
What I tried to do: running a single stick of RAM, replugging the power cables, clearing CMOS button, swapping CMOS battery, reseating the motherboard (in case there were any shorts or something), updating BIOS. I do not have any other hardware to check if it's a hardware issue sadly.

My PC speaker is also doing a weird click or sparking sound just as soon as I press the reset switch and when the PC proceeds to restart (it might be normal tbh, but it sounded worrisome and I never use the speaker because it wakes up my family at night). If it does matter, the motherboard is Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P, revision 1.0 BIOS F14p.

Happy New Year.
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