No post, No beeps, Only fans


Dec 19, 2012
So i was asked by my boss to get a computer built for his son, i've been working on this POS for about a month now and still same results everytime.

Basically what is happening is it "Turns on" to where the fans are running, but thats it. No lights, no beeps, nothing at all to show its alive.

Computer is:
PSU: 400W
CPU: Phenom II x4 955
Motherboard: Foxconn A9DA
Ram: 2x 4GB Patriot G2 & 2x 4GB Kingston
Video Card: GeForce GT 430

Things i've done:
I've tried Breadboxing, with no ram, all ram, no ram and Video card, Each ram individually and in each slot, Video card and all ram, Just the PSU CPU and Motherboard.

I've followed all the steps in the link.

I don't know what else to do, there is no video, No beeps, Only the fans come on. I've even sent the board back and they said they got it to post with just one piece of ram. Any help would be greatly appreciated.