Question No POST, no BOOT. 1 long 2 short beeps. Tried a lot and I’m stuck. Help please!

Nov 30, 2022
Where to start. I just give ya everything I can.
FYI, All parts listed in my signature.
Ive built a few (10ish) PC’s over the last 20 years and this is new for me and with the new tech, I’m just at a loss.
I built this about a week ago, new everything apart from the case. Amazingly, everything worked first try and got to BIOS, followed some videos and cleared it and installed the newest, which I had downloaded prior to a USB. I didn‘t overclock anything and proceeded to install windows, which went well too. Installed chipset and drivers and everything else. Spent a day running tests and monitoring things. Temps were fantastic, speeds were great and power seemed good too. Played a bunch of games and coming from my last PC it was just a massive difference. I had 0 issues all week and haven’t changed anything. While playing Spider-man: Miles Morales (30+ hours already) the game gets hung up, but not the PC and i closed it down via task manager. I restarted the PC and tried 1-2 other things and then back to Spidey and was fine for a while, and then hung up again, this time it worried me and was gonna uninstall it and check the PC in general and see if anything was wrong that i could tell. This was the end and it never booted again… THE END.

When i tried to reboot, I got some beeps and then nothing. A few more reboots and i realized it was the “1 Long, 2 Short beeps” and googled the hell out of that to no avail. Then I noticed in the MOBO manual that it has a LED code Debug screen, but I never saw it cause it’s in a terrible spot in the top corner, hidden, but then I started looking for a code to stick but it never stopped on one. I’ve seen A1 and B4 and D6 and a lot of numbers from the 20-50’s. So that didn’t help much. Then I noticed the Onboard LED lights. So it stays on the “red” CPU for 1-7 seconds, pretty much skips the mem, and then “white” VGA for 4-8 seconds and that’s when the beeps happen. Then a quick “green” light at the end and then they all go off and stay off, but nothing happens with the PC. After swapping to my old GPU, it did the same thing, which made me 99% sure it was the MOBO and not the GPU (I really hope its not…). I also tried with 1 stick of RAM and that didn’t help and even got my older ram out and tried that and the same lights and sounds. At this time I was using a different PSU cause the one I ordered was on back order and just got here yesterday. Gamemax 1050w RGB ATX12V. It wasn’t the one I wanted but it was gonna work for the 10 days till the better one got here.

So convinced it was the MOBO, I ordered another one and it showed up the same day as the PSU, yesterday, and I pretty much rebuild the whole thing again and prayed, apparently to the wrong god… cause nothing worked and had the same beeps!!!! Just, how? So I spend the rest of the night taking out parts and trying it over and over. I tried 4 different sticks of MEM, 2 GPU’s, just the NVMe and just the SSD, no GPU, nothing. I read a lil bout clearing CMOS but that didn’t help and I honestly don’t even know what that did lol. I honestly don’t understand how the same issue can still be happening with a new MOBO and everything else, and still pointing to the VGA and “Something not being plugged in all the way…” I really don’t know where to go from here and I’m throughly freaked out and panicked. I would feel sooo much better if I would of made any headway at all.

I really hope some fine folks out there, much smarter than me, can take a look at all this and take some of your precious time and help me out!!! I’m here to answer any questions and send any info I can that will help. I’m here all day and will be trying any and everything short of blood sacrificing, unless you think it will help…

Board: MSI MAG X570S Carbon Max WIFI / x2
BIOS: Not sure tbh
VGA: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4090 OC // (Spare/old) EVGA GeForce GTX 1070
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1000w, ATX 3.0, PSIe Gen5 12VHPWR, +12 RailPS-TPD-1000FNFAGU-4
CPU: AMD, Ryzen 7 5800x, 8 core 16 thread
MEM: 2x16GB, 3600MHz Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO SL // (Spare/old) 2x8 3200MHz Same
SSD: Samsung 980 PRO 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2d + Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB
COOLER:MasterLiquid ML240L V2 RGB
OS: Windows 10 64bit Pro


Sep 20, 2022
Can you tell me how your cables are plugged in? Say, a picture of inside and back of case with cable management, also could be bad cables, try to access the bios to look at something that might have been changed. try reseating the CPU.
Nov 30, 2022
Tried reseating the CPU 2x.. I ended up using all my old parts and built another one just to see and it worked. So i took my old CPU out and put it in the new one with all the new parts and took a long time to boot, and i forgot to plug the speaker in and the 4090 is so big you cant do after lol, but after 30-40 sec, it booted! So the CPU has to be bad. Just really strange that the LED light on the MOBO would hang up for 8 sec on VGA and 1 LONG 2 SHORT beeps, which is video as well. And sometimes would get stuck on D6 for the code. All super strange and i still don’t get it. Didn’t do any cable management or fans or anything, just cooler. So im gonna finish it all up and send a pic or two when im done.

2 things.
  1. What steps should i take in setting everything up? Should i wipe the BIOS or anything? Still has my NVMe with windows on it and it booted up. I just wanna be safe and if there’s something bad that caused this, besides the awful PSU i had in here to start….. yeah i suck. But let me know
  2. Let me know if there’s any pics of internal or external stuff you wanna see. I would love to save someone the panic and headache of all this and let more ppl know wtf actually happened
Nov 30, 2022
BIOS version E7D52AMS. 140

Ok so. I decided to double down once the old CPU worked and just put it all together and pray. Beeps and nothing, again. Panic and tears….
But then i realized that when it worked, it was on the monitor with HDMI and i was back to the TV with DP. So i hooked it up via HDMI and boom! No more beeps, and actually booted. I had to reset my windows password and i left it sitting on the screen for a few min and came back to a black screen, but i could see the mouse cursor, kinda weird. Restarted and reset the password and I’m in like Flynt.
So there seems to be something wrong with the DisplayPort. I hope its firmware and not the port itself, but as long as the HDMI works, I’m ok, would still like to figure it out though.
But to summarize. The beeps stopped when the new CPU was installed, and then stopped again when I used HDMI, not DP. Not sure the moral of the story, apart from “don’t use a Gamemax PSU” lol. But now, tbh, I’m kinda scared to do anything with it cause I don’t wanna mess something up, this week really freaked me out….
So any thoughts on what/if I should do about BIOS or firmware or drivers? Should I abandon this MOBO for a gigabyte to match the GPU so there’s less chance of isssues? I’m prolly being silly I know. Anyway, ill be looking forward to any answers. Thank you again!

Oh also. in BIOS, it shows my ram at 2166 or something and should be 3600. I read someone saying to just change it in BIOS XAMP profile, but neither changed it, any idea what i should do there?