Jul 17, 2020
So I have 2 different motherboards that I want to see if someone might have better insight into the specific problems and possible fixes.

I have a Gigabyte 970a motherboard with an fx 8150 from my old pc that I turned off one day and the next day it wouldn't turn on at all.
The second board is a Gigabyte GA-H61M board with an i7 3770, the fans spin but turn off after a few seconds and the cycle repeats until unplugged.

Here is what I've tried on both boards, and saw no change on either board:
-No Ram
-Different speeds of ram
-Different amounts of ram
-Different ram in every slot individually
-Low power gpus
-Older gpus
-Newer gpus
-Different wattages of perfectly working psus taken out of working systems
-Resetting CMOS/ New CMOS battery

Important things to note:
-I got the H61M from ebay from a refurbisher in Hong Kong/ China.
-I actually bought 2 of these H61M boards because the first got fried in a power surge while directly plugged into the wall, but the psu that was connected to it still works fine.
-The H61M mobo light comes on, but when powered up, fans spin, then turn off then spin again and the cycle continues.
-The H61M randomly stopped working one day, no issue stands out that might've caused it.
-The 970a won't respond at all beyond the power supply connected to it making a tick sound when the power is activated on the board.

I'm trying to get these old things put together as budget builds for friends/ family, but because of the age of the platforms, motherboards aren't easy to come by in decent condition for a good price, especially not guaranteed working. I know the i7 3770 is still good, but don't have any other am3+ parts at all to test, nor do I have a warranty on anything. Any insight as to why I'm getting these issues and possible fixes are all appreciated. Feel free to ask me anything, just hoping to get some use out of these parts again. I'm curious if there are any cheap or simple ways to possibly fix these boards, like sending it somewhere, or shoddy temporary fixes with caps or foil. Thanks!