Mar 10, 2021
I found the old system components from my old family pc in a cardboard box in storage in my house. Its an Asrock 775vm800 board with a Intel '04 Pentium 2.66GHz with 1 stick of 512mb Ram. The board will not POST nor make any POST beeps when a speaker is attached. Even with no ram installed the system does not make a post beep.

I have replaced the CMOS battery, resocketed both the CPU and the ram as well as buy another kit of ram.

The CPU definitely receives power because it does get hot. Add-in PCI cards do not output display either just as the motherboard does not. Really hoping it's not a dead board for nostalgia purposes because I still have the original hard drive to go with it that has Windows XP on it. I do not see any visible leaking caps on the board either.

Any ideas if the board has just gone dead or something?

Any help is appreciated thanks.