Question No POST (previously working okay with same hardware)


Jul 25, 2014
Hello everyone,

I'm desperate, I was using my pc, watching a vid nothing intense, when suddenly the display goes black, but the fans kept turning. At first I thought the monitor died since it's a bit old, but I quickly realised it wasn't. I turned off the pc and tried booting it and it does not work, it turns on but no display.
* I opened the case, checked that everything was plugged correctly and everything is.

* Removed one RAM stick and started it, nothing.

Removed the the CPU cooler (noctua nh-d15 ) cleaned the thermal paste and applied a new one (hy510), this time the pc turns on, but after a minute or so, the same thing happens, no display, but the fans keep turning.

I was thinking it may be the cpu overheating even though I have this beasty cooler, I tried clearing the Bios ( two pins method) it turned on, I quickly went to the bios and the cpu temp wasn't high at all, I sae it was at 29° and then again it turns off, and I also reseated the cpu and the graphics card.

I'm completly lost, and I have to fix it myself, from where I am, most technicians are either not trusworthy or incompetent, and components are overpriced so I can't afford to replace something unless I'm sure it's faulty.

Here are my specs :
I7 7700k 4.2ghz
16 gb RAM ddr4 hyperx 2400mhz
Asus prime 270-p
Psu seasonic 800w
Gtx 980 ti MSI
240 gb kingstone ssd
500 gb m.2 WD blue 3d nand

Please if someone has any idea what could be wrong let me know.
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