Question No Post Screen On Boot, 100% GPU Fans, PC Starts Up Twice


May 1, 2014

I recently upgraded my GPU from an Asus ROG Strix 1080 A8G to an Asus ROG Strix 2080 TI 011G.

Note: I have experienced none of these problems before over the 2 years I had my old GPU.

I have owned the new card for over 2 months now, but have been experiencing some weird symptoms with my computer as of late.

My complete build is here:

During most of my PC startups my computer will power on, power off, then turn on again. About 50% of the time, my GPU fans will go to 100% and there will be no post screen. To resolve that issue, I have to disconnect the power cable and reconnect it in order for it to boot properly.

I have used DDU multiple times while testing different display drivers. I am now using the most recent driver as of 3/25 (I use Asus GPU Tweak II for OC), and the issues still persist. I have also done a fresh windows 10 install (bios updates too) and have tried lowering GPU clock speeds/power limit, all to no avail.

I have also changed all modular PSU cables out, and even plugged my PC into another wall socket as well.

When my computer is actually on, there are no problems at all. I can play games with high gpu/cpu usage and experience no issues whatsoever.

Also, out of nowhere last week, my ethernet cable decided to constantly drop and reestablish a connection every 2-3 seconds. I changed the cable and everything is working perfectly.

Something that has also been concerning me, is static electricity. There have been a few times where I have walked into my room (carpeted floors, PC tower is on a slightly raised stand above floor), picked up my headphones, and then a small static shock caused by me touching them makes my monitor screen flicker. Nothing else seems to be affected when this has happened, and the screen instantly recovers after it flicks. Is there anything I can do prevent this from occurring again? I have gone as far as removing my socks before I enter my room now lol... I have searched and read many posts about this issue, and almost all of the them say it is not big a deal but it still worries me that something could/will be damaged.

Is my 750w power supply dying? Should I have more than 750w for this build? What else should I try before considering replacing something? Is the static through my headphones a big issue? It has happened 2-3 times.

Thank you for your time!


750W should be enough as the 2080Ti is recommended to have a 650W. The PSU is also a decent model so it should be good but the issues you are stating are a weird one. Did you not have these issues with your previous GPU installed?

Do you still have your old GPU to install and test with?

Can you run a CPU and GPU stress test at the same time to really push the system and see if it crashes or has any issues?

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