No Post W/ 3 sticks of RAM


Mar 16, 2009
I just built my pc last night. I was up quite late trying to get it to post. I took a stick of ram out, and it booted just fine. It's now running with everything installed with 4gb of RAM. I've tried switching the stick of RAM with the other already installed, and it boots fine no matter which sticks I put in. As soon as I put in the 3rd stick... no boot.

My conclusion is that the slot is bad, but a first builder like me shouldn't make conclusions like that. I've heard other having trouble with 1600 RAM, but I thought mine were fine being that the base voltage is 1.5v not 1.65v. I'm wondering if I can put that RAM into a different slot than the one it's supposed to be in (I haven't tried it being the scared noobie that I am).

Any suggestions are welcome. I'm really hoping I don't have the take this thing apart and RMA the board. Specs below.

CPU: i7 920
MOBO: MSI Eclipse sli
RAM: SuperTalent 3x2gb 1600 cl9
PSU: Corsair 750tx
HDD:WD Caviar black 640gb
Cooler: Xigmatek s1283v
GFX: xfx gtx 260 core 216


Dec 24, 2008
Sounds like that ram slot is problematic. MSI boards aren't the greatest and are known for having issues. If you are ok with just running 4gb then you might be able to just use it as is, but if a MB has a problem its best just to RMA it, it will cause more problems down the road.