[SOLVED] No POST with new parts

Feb 24, 2020
I was using my old pc when it died, tried to restart it and my monitor showed "no signal" but my pc leds and fans were working just fine. It's a really old pc (fx 6100+4 gb ram + the cheapest mother that supported am3) but the PSU was kinda new (1 year old). So i thought that my cpu life had finally ended and went to buy some new parts.

I bought:
Cpu: Ryzen 3 2200g
Motherboard: MSI A320M-A PRO MAX
Ram: Kingston 8gb 2400mhz x1
It's pretty <Mod Edit> i know but i'm kinda broke right now and don't intend to use it for gaming.

So, the parts arrived, i putted everything together and... still the same, leds and fans on but "no signal". Took my PSU to a technician and it was indeed fried. Bought the cheapest one that he had and wasn't generic (thermaltake tr2 600w), came back home, put everything together again and... still the same "no signal". Dejected, depressed and tired i connected the new psu with my old parts (fx 6100) and it works just fine.

So now i'm sitting with new parts but still using my old pc, i'm gonna take them back in 2-3 days to have them replaced if they don't work, but the store it's kinda far away from where i live and i dont want to go there just for them to try the parts, see that they work just fine, and look like an idiot just because i installed the parts wrong.

I wanna know if i did something wrong in the installation process, or if there is a certain "thing" that you have to do with this mother or cpu to get it to work. What i did was:
-Install everything (hdd's, ssd, peripherals, etc) in the case, didn't work.
-Install just the basics in the case, didn't work.
-Take the mother out of the case, laid it on its anti-static bag, installed only the cpu + ram (tried both slots) + power switch from the case+ 24 pin connector+ 4 pin cpu connector + hdmi cable, didn't work.
-Check the cpu for bent pins, looks fine.
-Check the mother for blown capacitors, looks fine.
-Check if the ram is correctly installed
-Check if the psu is correctly installed

Before you ask:
-The monitor and cable works fine, i'm using them right now.
-I don't have a speaker to check for error messages.
-PSU works fine, i'm using it right now with my old pc.
-I know that this CPU needs some sort of BIOS update to work but supposedly this version of the board (PRO MAX) comes ready for this kind of CPUs.

Like i said, i wanna know if there is something i'm missing on the assembly process, or if with what i already tried it's certain that some of the new parts came failed to not make the trip in vain.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for any help or answer that you can give.
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Feb 24, 2020
Thanks for the replys, but as i said this is the PRO MAX version of the A320. Supposedly comes already updated from factory and ready for these ryzen CPUs as it's stated on the motherboard box and by the store where i bought it.


Yeah true, how confusing is that. In the list of supported cpus, 2200g is there for v20 Bios.

The box says it supports 2nd/3rd gen ready as well. Would be the same deal as B450 Max series supporting 3rd gen out of the box, including the G series.

Lol i don't know. Soon find out at the pc store i guess.
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