Question No post with only ram + cpu on mobo. Fans spin for a second then stop

Feb 10, 2021

My younger brother is trying to build his first PC himself but has come across some issues with his hardware. He's asked me to take a look as being someone whos built 3 PCs with no issues.

A few weeks ago we probably had the same issue but I just instructed my brother to return the mobo because it was probably DOA (Actually, the fans never spun up at all that time... so maybe?).
Today the replacement mobo came in and I'm checking if it POSTs with only the ram+cpu+mobo+psu all connected. I'm using a screwdriver to start up the system and upon doing so the CPU fan spins up for a brief moment and turns off right after.
I've done this procedure for my other builds and have no problems doing it (Im sure most are familiar with this practice).

Here's the hardware list for anyone to review.
(PPP says its good but I just have no experience with intel based systems and just don't want to overlook anything):

Now I'm confident that we have everything connected right but I just want to reach out before sending it out to bestbuy or doing another part replacement.
I just have no other extra parts to test the PSU or mobo