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Jan 27, 2020
Wow you did everything then.
My guess would be the motherboard that failed.
Yeah, like I said in my original post. I tried everything lol I wasnt just saying that like most people. Amazon is sending me a new motherboard for free so once that comes I'll leave an update here. I'm just hoping it's the board not the CPU.


Nov 23, 2019
The ram one flashes then the CPU one then the ram one flashes again then the CPU one flashes again, then the VGA on comes on and stays on
That's the GPU posting, time to check what the boot codes are. I get the VGA comes on but no post if the RAM OC is bad. The motherboard beep code or error codes are what you need to check.

On your motherboard there are three light near the RAM slot.
Boot (Yellow Green)
VGA (While)
DRAM (Yellow)
CPU (Red)

The light that stays on is the winner.

The Q LEDs provide the most probable cause of an error code as a starting point for troubleshooting. The actual cause may vary from case to case. We have already got a good idea that the CPU is likely cause.

Moving the VGA card to one of the bottom slots so that you use the chipset PCIe lanes and not the CPU ones is a good idea. Even so this could have no effect because the CPU is the issue. The Q LED's are just a guide for a starting point. You are looping between RAM and CPU before you settle on vga.

The screen turns on which is a good sign for vga.

If you used the Clear RTC RAM jumper and still wont boot. The CPR function is not working then follow the full no post troubleshoot. Re-seat the cpu, RAM and VGA everything. Check the power cords. The last step is to try and reflash the BIOS. Nice video below.

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Jan 27, 2020
Keep us updated.
Got the new motherboard today from Amazon. Put everything in and pushed the power button. It took longer than I thought it would to post so I got worried but after a minute or two I had the good ol Asus Logo on my screen. Thank you all for you help.