Question No power from SSD when waking from sleep Windows 10

Mar 24, 2019
Today I had to leave the house (I went biking yay), so I opened the power menu from the Windows button, and selected the option for my Dell Inspiron i5577 laptop to "Sleep." I come back later, hit the power button to turn the laptop on, and lo and behold, the power button light turns on. There is absolutely no power to the display of my laptop. My "gaming" mouse's rgb backlight is off, but whenever I click it, the rgb light comes on. It stays on as long as I hold the left or right click. My external monitor says there is no input from my laptop. I hold the power button down until the light on the power button turns off. I wait for a few seconds and then hold the power button to boot my laptop. I strongly believe it's due to no power going to the SSD when it comes back from sleep. It works fine now, but I do not understand what caused this and does this damage my laptop's hardware?

Important info - the SSD is a PM961 NVMe SAMSUNG SSD. INTERFACE - PCIe Gen. 3x4. TRIM status - Enabled. NVMe Driver - Samsung. RAPID Mode - Not supported.

Please see the video if you don't understand what I'm saying above -

Video description - i strongly believe that it's due to a software bug because an update from Dell's website for my laptop model to update the SSD and the update notes stated -

"Fixes: - Fixed the blue screen or system hang due to DRAM data corruption

Enhancement: - Improvements to Data Recovery" from the Intel SSDSCKKF180/256/360/512H6DN and SSDSC2KF256/360/512H6DN Series Solid State Drive Firmware Update.

Another update notes lists -

"Fixes: - Fixes the issue where the system is unable to exit from sleep mode as the solid-state drive (SSD) stops responding Enhancement: - N/A" from the TOSHIBA KSG60ZSE256/512G and KSG60ZMV256/512G Series Solid State Drive Firmware Update.

as you can see, I believe the Toshiba drive update is more based on my issue. however, the SSD that came in my laptop was a Samsung SSD, so the installation doesn't go through.

Note - if you're going to reply, please don't reply once and never reply again. yes I've tried updating all the drivers but Dell makes it insanely hard to update so I may have missed an update. I don't want anything to do with Dell software as well. thanks.
Mar 24, 2019
By update, I'm assuming you mean BIOS updates? Which BIOS version are you currently on? Which version of the OS are you on?
Hi, thanks for responding. I'm on Windows 10 as the name of the subforum suggests, and I will let you know the BIOS version when I get home. Do you know how to check? If I remember correctly, it was version


Apr 13, 2019
I have read numerous posts that Samsung SSD's and especially their NVMe do not wake from sleep mode with some computers. My understanding is a sleep mode actually tuns off the hard drive while placing the current status of the PC into memory, so when it awakes from sleep, exactly like fast boot. The work around is either use Samsung's Magician software or to simple disable sleep.