Question No Power Light and Overheating on Certain Chip, How can I fix? Any advice to dedect the problem?

Mar 10, 2019
Hello Everyone,

a few months ago I tried to reuse my old laptop as a wall computer/side computer. Just chopped the frame and removed the screen from the case and mounted to the wall. Chopped most of the main case and painted it to red and made something cool. It was a ~ 6 y.o laptop and windows was so heavy so I installed ubuntu. When i was setting everything nice and smooth unfortunately I put the keyboard which have a all metal cover on the back(keyboard of the laptop) on the motherboard and as I guess made the motherboard short c.

When I power the motherboard the onboard power led is not lightning and which i guess bios is overheating in seconds really much to burn my finger but no smoke or burn smell.

I checked power cable there is 2 + and 2 - and 22V from each and also 22V total from all cables. [I really have no idea how much it suppesed to be I painted the adapter my bad :( ]

Laptop is a Casper( Turkish Company) Nirvana and Motherboard is made in China no Brand.

I want to fix it home I have a multimeter and know how to solder and etc. I hope I didnt bricked it.

Here are pics:

NOTE: Yes images are a little too big, sorry for my language not my mother tongue.

Thanks for all the answers have a nice day!
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Can you put the images in spoiler please :) ? (Or save them in JPEG)

If you wanna really find where the short is, you need acetone or isopropyl alchohol to pour onto the whole motherboard to find the short, or by touching with your finger where it would be and you have to replace that exact components with exact replcement.
This video explains what i mean

I would advise you to remove ram and CPU.