Question No power on New Computer Build - how can I torubleshoot?

Feb 16, 2021
It has been a long time since I built a computer. Trying to build one with my 16 year old daughter now but something is completely off:
Motherboard: X570 Aorus ProWifi
Case: Zalman M3 RGB
Processor: AMD Ryzen
Power Supply: Thermaltake SmartPro RGB 850W
RAM: 32 GB Patriot Viper
Hard Drive: Crucial SSD

I am hoping I am just an idiot and this is something simple. I have cabled the box according to the very high level instructios that come with it. However, when I turn on the power, I get nothing, not even a hint. And I would think at least the fans or the CPU fan would start spinning, but they don't. I did the "Power Suplly Test" by jumping the wires on the 24 pin connector and everything lit up like a fireworks show. How can I tell if I have a bad component? Or has anyone else had this issue? I( am at a loss, at this point, as to even how to troubleshoot the problem). Any help would be much appreeciated.


If you jump the 24 pin and it fires up...I would power down and check to make sure the power button is connected to the proper place on the motherboard.

I would also check all the power supply connections to the motherboard to make sure they are seated properly.

If the plug for the switch is in the proper place...and you remove the plug from the motherboard...and jump it here...and it doesn't start....I would then suspect motherboard.

....but you may have it plugged in the wrong place....or you may have a bad switch.


Since nothing lights up and your PSU is working it is more likely that you have mis-wired something or the case has a broken wire than having another a bad component.

Can you pull off the front panel wires from the board and looking at your manual just short the 2 power pins? Just a brief touch with a screwdriver will do.

Also, insure that you have the CPU power cable and 24 pin power connected completely.