No power on new ECS A885GM-A2 motherboard


Dec 7, 2011
Could it be the wrong ram causing the board not to power up?

suppose to be 4gb sticks up to 16gb and all I have is 8gb sticks

but no power

could be those little P/S switch plug in's from the case to the panel on the bottom

I've tried it side ways and front ways though
Having the wrong RAM shouldn't keep any/all power from reaching the motherboard.

Not having the CPU power connector plugged in would (this would be a 4 or 8 pin port near the processor)

Incorrect wiring of the cables from the case to the motherboard would potentially do it as well.

Look in your manual to verify that you are plugging in the case connectors correctly.

If you just put a flat screwdriver on the two pins that control the power button the computer should come on. If you do this you can test if the power switch on the front panel is bad this way.


Dec 25, 2011

I had the same problem with the ECS 880 GM board and have spent 100+ hrs on it. Have swapped boards, memory, cpus.

Finally I found it has to do with the power supply. Some supplies allow it to boot up, others don't even those those ps work with other motherboards.

Also make sure the motherboard supports the watts of yr CPU!
And the cpu pins aren't bemt