Question No Power over USB after POST


Mar 3, 2012
Trying to fix a computer for a family member, I managed to rip the HDD out and plug it into another PC as a tertiary drive to remove the viruses and such on it, but after successful POST, it stops providing power to all USB ports.

I haven't been able to make it read my recovery thumb drive because it loses power to the USB ports after POSTing, but I can use them to get into BIOS before post, so it seems to be more of a driver issue than a physical issue with the USB ports themselves.

I have attempted a CMOS reset, but it did not solve the issue. When it attempts to auto repair, it will hang at 5% for about an hour before outright freezing, and even when it begins to auto repair it sticks me with "Select Keyboard Layout" (which, since USB ports aren't powered, I can't select).

The PC does have a PS/2 connection on the mobo for Keyboard/Mouse, but I don't have one readily available, and googling the issue finds a bunch of similar issues with various causes, but none of the solutions I have found have solved the issue I'm running into.

Has anyone had a similar situation, and if so how did you resolve it? PC is completely borked without it, and after a few days of messing with this I'm about ready to just hit it and see if that does anything. Any advice or similar experiences are appreciated.

Known Specs:
Gateway Prebuilt, Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 7)


//Assuming the hardware is all working// Some older boards need drivers for the USB controller which are not normally included in installation media. You would have to find out what kind of USB controller is on the board first and then inject it into the installation media. To make things easier, I would boot any of the live Linux distros and see what device IDs come up on the board, then get win10 drivers for all those, and then inject them into the image you are trying to install from.