Question No power to USB ports and no display ?

Mar 14, 2023
This is the second pc that I have built, and it has been a long time since then.
This is my current build:

-Intel i5-12600k
-Asus Prime Z690-P DDR5 motherboard
-Corsair vengance rgb 2x16gb ddr5
-Msi mag coreliquid c240 AIO
-Gigabyte Eagle rtx 3070 8gb
-Samsung 980 pro 1tb SSD
-Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 750w 80 plus gold certified PSU

I currently have everything put together, and everything inside the case seems to have power, my ram sticks light up, GPU lights up, and fans kick on and off for gpu, my AIO is lit up and the fans are spinning, all of the case fans are spinning, and i have the power light on the top on the case flashing. I have a known good hdmi cord (used daily for my xbox), and the keyboard i am currently typing on lights up as soon as it is connected to any power source. i turn on the new build, and my keyboard stays dark, and there is no display on the monitor to get into the bios.

I tried the hdmi ports from my gpu, and from the mother board, neither of which give me a display. im kinda stuck and at a loss of what to do, everything seems to be plugged in correctly, but then ATX 8-pin with the 4-pin next to it on my motherboard im a little iffy about my plugs. It just seems weird to me that the 24-pin took a while to clip into place, but it did eventually clip and lock on. I have also tried to plug my usb 3 connector for the case ports into both spots on the board, and still no change.

Any and all feedback and suggestions would be much appreciated.