Question No Screenshot Capability and Computer Is Really Slow


Jul 3, 2016
I can no longer take screen shots as of this AM. Any suggestions?

Can you advice me on what might be wrong with my desktop? Today, even when typing, it's slow to type, like 1/2-1 second delay in seeing what I type. In other words, this problem JUST started this morning.

I've already done the following to fix it (no improvement)

already have installed the latest Window 10 Home updates (including optionals)
already installed the latest GPU driver
ran malware and antivirus (nothing noted)
ran Samsung Magician SSD drive optimization
did hard drive clean up without improvement.

System specs:

custom built in 11/2017
64 bit Windows 10 Home (legitimate/legal/activated upgrade via Microsoft)
ASUS motherboard P8Z77-M
Intel i5-3570K at 3.4 GHz
32GB DDR3L-12800 = 1600MHz non-ECC
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120 GB SATA-3 2.5" drive with 13GB free
EVGA GeForce GTX 1050i TI SSC Gaming 4GB DDR3 GPU
Unigine Heaven benchmarks the GPU at 62-102 fps (can't see final results, but looking at the numbers is how I got that estimate); was 70 fps when I bought it 3 years ago

Comcast Xfinity cable Internet with wiring between desktop and modem (ie no wireless involved)
Speedtest. net (tested twice) says ping 11-12 ms, 68.6-82.56 Mb/sec download, but unable to get upload speed.

I just ran CrystalDiskMark 6.0.2 x64 on the Samsung SSD:
Read (MB/sec) Write (MB/sec)
Seq Q32Ti 2,588.6 2,751.0
4KiB Q8TA 905.2 790.7
4KiB Q32T1 232.4 203.8
4KiBQ1T1 232.5 162.3


Is that 120 GB SATA drive the boot drive? If so with only 13 GB free that could be the reason in itself.

Overall 120 GB is now too small. You need a 256 GB drive.

As for the screenshots: What software or utility are you using? Could be the software is corrupted or could be that some requirement for drive space is not being met.

Use Task Manager and Resource Monitor to observe system performance. Use both but only one at a time.

Key is to discover what resources are being used, to what extent (%), and what is using the resource.

Overall, the system may be having difficulty finding drive space when necessary.....


Jul 3, 2016
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the 120GB SATA is the boot drive. I can clone this drive to a 256GB and swap it to see if that resolves the problem.

What's the minimum GB or percentage of hard drive space should I have?

Do you think I also need to upgrade my graphics card?
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