Question No signal after crash after buying a new display ?

Aug 14, 2021
So I recently purchased the msi mag 27qrf-qd as my first monitor that goes above 60hz on Tuesday.
I had to dial my GPU settings down in the amd utility because now that my gpu had actual work to do with the ability to push 165fps, it was getting rather hot ~85c
This made my fans spin up quite loudly, so I turned the power limit from +12% to -12% and adjusted the fan curve, that seemed to solve my thermal issues even under 100% load.
I was only running 1850mhz max frequency and default vram tunings, I did not have an aggressive overclock.
Then, Friday night, just 3 days later, the problem occurred.

I had about five chrome tabs, disord, and league of legends (Not demanding) running, so I doubt it was a gpu overheating that caused this.
The game froze while I was playing, and the system seemed to become unresponsive, wouldn't let me open task manager, so I performed a hard reboot with the case button.

Now, when I attempt to boot into windows, neither of my displays will illuminate or detect a signal being sent. I don't even get a post screen.
Turning them off will display the no signal message shortly.
I can see from the computer case that the motherboard RGB is still illuminating, so some devices are still getting power.

I do have another system at home with a known-good GPU and PSU that I can tear apart if I need to, but I would like to try and diagnose what I can before I have to reroute all of my psu cables twice.
Does anyone have advice for me on what steps to take to diagnose and solve this issue? I really hope that I didn't just poof my gpu in this market, that's going to be a super expensive fix if I did.
Thank you.

My specs are as follows;
ryzen 2600 cpu
gigabyte aorus b450 pro wifi moba
gskill kit 16gb @ 3000mhz ram
amd rx 5700 gpu
Seagate baracuda 1tb m.2
evga 700BR 80+ bronze psu

For the second system that I may need to tear apart, I have a ryzen 3600, Msi b550 gaming edge wifi, 16gb@3200, 1050TI(temporary), seagate baracuda 1tb m.2, and evga 750+bq 80+ bronze psu