[SOLVED] No signal after new ssd

Jan 20, 2021
Hello today i got my new ssd and tried to install it.I had currently on pc 1 ssd 128gb( mainly for windows) and 2 hdd.I bought a second ssd (480gb) and unplugged the one hdd and installed the ssd correctly also blew away some dust. After i plugged my pc back and tried to boot it everything seemed to work fine ( cpu cooler fan ,gpu cooler fan ,hdd ,and mobos lights but i get NO SIGNAL on screen beeps 5 times (longer than usual beeps but i think are still considered short ) and a restart. After restart i get no beeps but still no signal everything still looks like working properly .Looked it up on the forums and tried everything there including :
1. New sata cable 2. Removing and re replugging rams 1 at a time or both on different slots. 3. Replugging gpu 4. Clearing bios settings ( through battery removal) 5. Readjusting cpu and fan with new thermal 6. Putting back the hdd 7. Booting with niether the old hdd or new ssd ( means with my old ssd and 1 hdd) .
I am sure all cables are plugged correctly.
When i unplug the hdmi cable or plugin it back my monitor unsleeps but right after that it says no signal and enter power saving mode.

CPU: intel i5-6500 3.2ghz
MoBo: Gigabyte B150m-HD3 DDR 3
GPU : MSI 1050 2gb
PSU: Thermaltake smart series rgb 500w
Anyone knows how i can fix this? Thanks