Question No signal after windows 10 update


Aug 10, 2014
This is not a trivial problem, please bear with me!

"no signal" displayed on monitor after windows 10 automatic update. Screen goes dark, and I'm unable to see anything.

This is a custom built PC with less than 1 year of use. I use it for web, movies, and gaming. Never touched BIOS except for boot order.

Monitor: AOC CQ27G1
Motherboard: MSI B450I
Graphics: MSI GTX 1660 Ti
Hard Drive: Samsung 840 EVO
OS: Windows 10, Steam OS (diff partition, and might actually be broken)

1.) A Year ago, Windows 10 was originally installed from USB. The software was downloaded from official Microsoft website. Never actually paid for it, so it might be a trial version with limited support / features?

2.) Few weeks ago, windows 10 kept on auto updating, but on auto restart, the monitor displayed failed to complete update error message. Two actions were taken after this happened repeatedly:
- disabled windows 10 auto update (which seemed to work until last night)
- updated bios boot order to prioritize windows 10

3.) Last night, display was dark, but computer was on. Hitting the keyboard didn't seem to help. Subsequently, I restarted the PC, and it started up with windows updating message. Not sure why it's updating again since it was disabled? But eventually the PC restarted to complete the update, and this time, "No Signal" is observed on the display.

What I've tried
1.) unplug and replug the monitor power cable as well as the HDMI cable.
2.) change HDMI cable port on monitor (I don't have second HDMI cable)
3.) use display port cable instead of HDMI cable
4.) with power supply off, pressed PC power on button for 1min. And power back on the PC.
5.) with power supply off, reset BIOS with screwdriver on JAT1 pins, remove the graphics card and re-insert RAM, connect HDMI from onboard port to monitor
- this was attempted several times with screwdriver, hair pin and other material as I cannot confirm the "reset" actually worked
- I tried both HDMI and Display Port, from both onboard video and graphics, with graphics card inserted and removed state, hard drive data cable plugged and unplugged... basically all permutations of this
- my onboard video / motherboard does not have VGA (only HDMI & display port)
6.) give it a good smack

(each try was attempted at least twice)

Really hoping the community can shine some insight here. Need to get this thing running again asap! Thanks!!
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