Question No signal after Windows Logo

Jan 5, 2022
Few weeks back I was updating my graphics driver and the screen went black for a split second while it was installing and instead of display coming back it said no signal detected, I restarted my computer and everything worked fine, but now everytime I turn on the computer, after the windows logo it always shows no signal detected and randomly after restarting for 3-4 times the display finally comes and I have to do this everytime I start my computer, I thought it might be the hdmi cable so I bought a new one but that didn't help, changing the cable from hdmi to vga does shows the display, I've tried reverting back to old graphics driver, reinstalling windows , switching to windows 10 (currently 11), cleaning and removing the graphics card but nothing helps. while hdmi connected the the safe mode works fine, display works fine as long as I dont have graphics driver installed but as soon as I install it, boom the screen goes black while installing, Please help with this issue

Ryzen 5 3500
GTX 750 ti
16 GB ram