Question No signal, CPU and DRAM leds start to blink

Oct 24, 2021
Hello, i have a problem with my PC. I can use it normally for sometimes short and sometimes long period of time and then i get No video input on monitor and CPU and DRAM leds on motherboard start to blink. I tried disassembleing the system and building it again but i get the same message. I thought that when i plug in my headphones it gets no video input (dont ask why...) but after some testing that turned out not to be true. I thought that maybe my MB vrms are overheating but i checked regular temperature of vrms and they dont get as half as max temperatures even when playing games. I also tried cleaning the RAM and putting it into diffrent slots but that didn't fix it either.

MB - Aorus B450 Elite
CPU - Ryzen 5 2600
RAM - HyperX Fury 8GB 3200MHz single stick
GPU - Sapphire Nitro's Radeon R9 390