Question No signal detected, mobo white and green light on

Nov 15, 2019
Hi everyone, glad to be on this forum.
I was playing a really old game (GTA 2) the other day on my fairly new computer, it was working just fine, when it suddenly froze up, and when i rebooted manually, it showed "no signal detected" on the monitor.

I plugged in and out the monitor cables, tested the display on my Playstation 3 and it looked well, no problems at all, but back on the pc, it keeps showing the no signal message. Plus, i reinstalled the gpu, the dram, reset the cmos, but no luck whatsoever...
When i turn on the pc, the post state leds go from red (cpu), then orange (ram), then it lights up the white (vga) and the yellow green (boot) leds, but nothing else. Mouse and keyboard are on, fans are working, no strange beeps or noises, except it doesn'r show anything on the monitor.

My sistem is:
Asus TUF X299 Mk2
Intel I7 7740x
Iiyama GB2760QSU
Zotac GTX 1080 Amp Extreme 8Gb
Kfa2 8gb Ddr4 4000mhz x 2
PSU Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 80 modular 850W

I've been playing with this pc for ovee two years, with no issues till now.
Thanks in advance!
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