Question No signal detected on monitor after new GPU install

Jan 20, 2021
Hello guys! I have searched this forum and others for hours but to no avail. Perhaps someone has some solution for me?

PC is pre built - Dell Inspiron 5680.
PSU 460W, motherboard 0pxwhk, CPU intel i7-8700 @3.2 GHz.
Changed a while back the 8gb ram to 16gb ram, worked like a charm.
GPU was gtx 1060 3gb, changed to 1060 6gb (Asus GTX 1060 OEM).
Monitor is ASUS MG248QR. When I turn on the PC (fans work, light is on), it shows the ASUS logo, then "Display port no signal". The HDMI is plugged into the GPU card and not the motherboard.
All drivers are updated, also updated BIOS. NVIDIA driver for the new GPU is also up to date.

  • I tried to remove the GPU, plug the monitor into the motherboard and then disable the display adapter (mine is intel 630) and start on safe mode, reinstall the GPU -> worked until I shut down the pc for the night and the next day the monitor did not display again.
  • I tried changing in the BIOS the primary display settings; no such setting in my bios
    • previous drivers were uninstalled before installing the new one!
edit: this thread helped, however if i shut down my PC for the night, the monitor will not turn on again unless I follow the steps from the thread.
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