Question "No signal detected" on monitor when left turned off for a while

Jan 23, 2021
I recently built a new computer and everything works great without any problems when turned on. The problem comes when i leave my PC turned off for more than an hour. Everytime i try to start the computer after that, BOTH my monitors will say "No signal detected" but everything else works like my keyboard, headset and mouse. I found a solution to it but not a good one. If i turn off my PSU, wait for 5 seconds and then turn on it again, my PC will start up again and both my monitors will work properly.

I think i found another solution but only used it once so will update if it works next time. The only thing i did was to remove everything except my power connector to the PSU from my branch outtlet and then my monitors worked without having to restart the PSU. I'd still like other solutions to the problem since i've never had this issue before, nor heard of it.

//UPDATE. I found out that i had multiple outletts connected to one another which caused the monitor to not work properly since the power wasn't enough. I simply just bought a larger outlet instead of using 2-3 small ones

Ryzen 7 5800x
2x8GB Corsair vengance 3600mhz
Corsair 850W Power Supply
Aorus x570 pro
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