Question No signal detected with new rtx 3090

Jun 18, 2020
Hey all, sort of hit on this in a separate post but the original topic was separate from this new issue I encountered. But I recently bought and waterblocked an msi gaming x trio 3090. During boot, I get a no signal detected message on all my monitors, all plugged in and then one individual monitor plugged in on different ports of the 3090 via DP. No signal detected each time. If I unplug and Replug a monitor in while the pc is on, the monitor will get rid of the message like it’s trying to get a signal, but the messages pops up again shortly. All parts have worked perfectly fine with my previous 2080 ti gaming x trio, so I’m not sure where to start. Wanted to check in here to see if anyone had some valuable insight before going through the hassle of changing waterblocked Gpus. Also the 3090 has 3 8 pin connectors and the 2080 ti has 2 8 pin and one 6 pin. Was I correct to plug these cables that were in my 2080 into my 3090 and then plugging the 2 pin connector that was hiding and connected with my 6 pin into the dot next to the 6 pin?


360mm rad
420 mm rad
Gaming x trio 3090/2080 ti
Msi z490 Meg godlike
32x2 gb ram 3600mhz