Question No Signal During Windows 10 Boot (Random)


Sep 27, 2011
I recently bought a Corsair Vengeance PC, here's a link to the DXDiag, and I'm randomly getting "No Signal" after the initial BIOS boot screen. My main display is an LG C9 tv.

It seems like 75% of the time I start my PC, I lose signal during the Windows boot process. I should be seeing the Windows logo, then the log-on screen, but my TV says No Signal. I am always able to see that initial BIOS boot screen though, where I can press a few hotkeys to access different menus. If I press F8 to access the safe mode in Windows, that displays fine.

My only workaround is to either - restart the PC a bunch of times and it will eventually work. Or, I can hit the little power button on my wireless keyboard, which puts the computer to sleep (even though I can't see anything on screen). After the computer goes to sleep, I can power it back on and have a signal to the TV again.

I don't understand why this problem would happen 75% of the time, but not happen the other 25%, especially when nothing is changing.

I'm using this Belkin HDMI cable, and I've tried plugging it into both HDMI ports on the Gigabyte 3080 card, but the problem happens on both inputs.

I do have HDR enabled in Windows 10, as well as FreeSync/VRR, and the monitor refresh rate is set to 120Hz (although this problem also happened at 60hz and no HDR).

I have installed the latest Nvidia drivers, as well as the Windows 10 updates. I've also ran the Corsair Diagnostic tool, but it didn't find any issues.

The only thing I can think of is the iCue software. I've heard reports that this causes all kinds of problems, but I need it to turn off the annoying case fan LEDs.

I've played a few hours of games - Red Dead 2, Control, Beyond: Two Souls, MS Flight Simulator, all in 4K with ultra settings with no problems whatsoever.


I changed the Power Settings to High Performance and I also disabled the Fast Startup in Windows 10. This seems to have fixed the problem, in case anyone else runs into the same thing.
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