Question No signal from any output with graphics card installed

Feb 23, 2020
I built a computer quite some time ago, delayed graphics card purchase, but bought one recently.

When the graphics card is installed I cannot get any video signal from display port or hdmi either on the new graphics card or on the on-board graphics I've been using. When the card is removed, I can get output from on-board graphics without any issues.

Checked bios, and set graphics source to be pcie. Tried a couple different pcie slots, neither worked. Pretty sure power supply is enough. I bought one that was overpowered for what I initially built expecting to buy a graphics card down the line. Tried a couple different display port cables. Only have 1 hdmi cable, but it works ok when the graphics card is not corrected so I don't think that is the issue. But I guess I could be wrong.

Graphics Card: Vetnus XS GTX 1650 Super
Mother board: ASRock z97 Extreme6
Power Supply: Corsair RM1000x
CPU: Intel i7-4790S

Wondering what I'm missing here. Or if I'm at the point where the card was DOA and I should return for a new one.