Question "No Signal" from ASUS Dual NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 ?


Aug 24, 2010
Win 10, 64
MB: msi A75A-G55
Current graphic card works fine for Dell monitor and drawing table via HDMI output
( I have no dvi cables to test output)
2-pcie x16 ports on MB and i have a 6 to 8 connector for power to card .
550w PSU

I was told by Best Buy that 3050 was compatible with board.

Problem 1- no output via hdmi from 3050 to monitor

problem-2- tried dl 3050 drivers re card with old card but while installing Nvidia drivers ( with other graphic card ( and not with 3050 installed) install stops and says 3050 drivers not compatible with current windows version ( I have win 10)

Question -re 3050 - lights come on & fans start and then stops. Are fans on constantly ? light remains on.

question-I have 2 pcie slots - can I install my older card in slot 1 and 3050 in slot 2 at the same time - ?
( unfortunately there i s sonly one GPU power connector)

Any advice appreciated - thanks.