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Jul 23, 2021
When i switched on my PC today, i noticed my 2nd monitor wasnt getting any signal. Its connected via DP (connected to 970) to HDMI (monitor).

Its been like this for 2 months since I built the thing without any issues, this is the first time Ive encountered this. I unplugged the cable from both sides, reseated the GPU, nothing.

I went over to a friends and tried to determine the issue by process of elimination.
  • Checked my cable with another GPUs DP port (1060), no issue
  • Checked my GPU with another DP to DP cable, no issues
  • My GPU in his system with MY cable (DP to HDMI), boom, no signal.
So in short, the cable works, the GPU works, and my system works fine, as the combo of my cable and my gpu refused to post on multiple systems other than mine.

I have also been in contact with Nvidias live chat which just made resintall geforce control panel and stuff. Did nothing.

For whatever its worth I'm using these are the monitors I'm using, "LG 24mk430h-b ".

If anyone has any idea as to what the issue may be Id be so grateful, I feel like I've eliminated every variable and Im loosing my mind being to stuck only one screen

Edit: OS: Win 10
32GB 3600MHz Ram
X570 Unify
Ryzen 5600X
Asus 970 Direct Cu mini
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Check the display PROJECT settings via "WIN" + "P" to ensure that that is configured as expected - likely "Extend" if that is what you normally use.

Also right click an empty area of the desktop to access the NVidia control panel screens. Verify that all settings are correct or otherwise as to be expected.

[Note it does appear that NVidia walked you through all of that. However, sometimes - especially while using phone support or an online chat - it is easy to miss something. Happens on both ends of the conversation....]

Connectivity can be very sensitive. All in all, my thought is that your current cable (DP to HDMI) and GPU are no longer playing nice.

For more information:

Try another DP - HDMI cable.
Jul 23, 2021
Oh my days i feel like an actual idiot. I just KNEW it was going to something stupidly simple. I did the Win+P and it worked right away. Thanks so much!!!

Edit: Its the next day, and after switching on my pc, same thing all over again. Pressing Win+P does nothing now
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