Question No signal issues

Jul 21, 2022
R9 5900x
Asus TUF RTX 3080 OC
850W PSU

Hello there, hope all is going well.

So 3 days ago I started having 'no signal issues' while playing games like The Division, Days Gone, WoWs & GTA. With that being sad wows is the only one that I have been playing longer without any issues. But as mentioned before I started having issues. First I thought it might be overheating with temperatures being over 35 degrees outside. So I thought that might be the case. But now we had like 18-21 degrees. But yet again having the same issue. After 30 min or so of playing wows I got no signal anymore. Gpu temp was at 61 degrees at that time. On the hotter days it was more towards 77-79 degrees.

I looked online and saw that I had to check the cable. which I did and could not see anything wrong with it. Next I checked if the drivers of the gpu were up to date and they are. Also I cleaned my pc to see if that helps, but still the same issue. Next I saw that it might be the psu that could be the problem. I am not sure how to go about checking if this indeed is the problem.
Are there any other sollutions to my problem?
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Please narrow it down. Partpicker has 229 '850w psu' on file:
Also, how long has it been in use?

By 'check the cable', they probably meant to try a different one, or replace it.

Are there any other sollutions to my problem?
-Try the gpu in another PC.
-Depending on what the psu is, we may ask you to try a different one.
-Try a different monitor cable.
-Do not use the pigtails, but plug separate PCIe cables to the gpu.
-If you are using a riser device, extension cables, or 90 degree motherboard adapter, make the necessary connections without those devices.
-Relay to us not just the gpu core temperature, but the hot spot and memory junction as well, just in case.