No signal just before login screen


Aug 5, 2009
Greetings all,

First off, apologies to anyone who feels this thread has been posted in the wrong section.
The thread title may suggest a monitor or software issue but after some investigating and fiddling the problem more likely lies with either the graphics card or the hard disk.

Yesterday, whilst running an online game i experienced a graphic crash where my screen froze showing an array of fancy looking triangles and effects. I was forced to perform a forced shutdown as there was no response with the keyboard. Upon rebooting dotted, vertical blue lines can be seen during the intial boot up phase. Just before the system is about to display the login screen my monitor remains black and indicates that it's recieiving no signal from the system; even though it's clear that everything is still running.

I've ran the system in safe mode and ran both a full virus and a malware scan. I also uninstalled both my graphics drivers and my display adapter. After rebooting into normal windows mode everything runs fine but the dotted blue lines were still being shown during the bootup. Windows automaticly installs relevent files for the display adapter/graphics card to function and then requests for a typical restart.

However, after restarting i'm faced with the exact same problem as i had before the uninstalling.
I doubt there can be any power supply issues i've had the same system setup as i have currently for months.
The windows system is running fine as i'm writing this thread to you all now on this same machine; but with the graphics card disabled.

I have a relatively old system compared to what's on offer on the market today.
I've previously thought about upgrading to a new system, but currently i'd prefer to try and keep this one running for at least a few more months as i'm planning on making a long-term leave, where a new system would be just sitting there losing it's value.

Thanks for your time and any productive feedback will be highly gratified.