Question No signal, no fans, no BIOS detection. Did my GPU just die?


Jan 26, 2019
Hey guys

I'll try to make it as short as possible
Yesterday i went back to my Pc after lunch and when I moved the mouse it didn't wake up. I restarted the Pc and it didn't have a signal. After trying a few times, i got an image an it was a windows 10 blue screen saying that windows had a problem starting. After that, it restarted and worked perfectly.
An hour or so later, i left the computer for 10 minutes and when i came back and moved the mouse, it didn't wake up again.
This time i couldn't make it work at all.

Windows does boot (windows sounds, rgb profiles load, etc)

GPU fans do not spin at all and it is not even recognized by the BIOS
Card has new paste and pads (around 8 months old tops) and more than decent airflow, so it hasn't overheated (max i've seen was 90ºC in the summer at 100% load while gaming, with 30+ºC ambient)

I am afraid to ask given the circumstances, but... Is it dead? Below i leave a list of specs and what i've tried. Thank you in advance for any input.

PC Specs:
·Windows 10 with latest updates
·Asus strix Z370-e gaming
·i7 8700k (stock)
·Sapphire R9 390 tri-x nitro OC (2x8 pin)
·2x8GB g.skill trident z 3000mhz
·Corsair HX 650 from a few yeard back

Things i've tried:
-Clear CMOS
-Load default BIOS
-Update BIOS to latest version
-Use integrated graphics
-Use different GPU, i had an old HD6950 (2x6 pin) and it's what i'm using right now
-Run DDU in safe mode just in case it was a drivers thing
-Run malware software just to discard something weird