Question No signal on a BenQ GW2265M monitor from a Gigabyte 3060

Dec 15, 2022
A few days ago I bought my new PC (5600X, MSI MPG B550 GAMING EDGE WIFI, Gigabyte 3060 12GB, 32GB RAM), but the new monitor has been delayed for a couple of weeks so I tried to connect my new monitor to the HDMI port of the MB (as I had only the OS pre-installed and no GPU drivers yet) via an HDMI-to-DVI-D cable. Sadly, the monitor shows no signal.

I tried it on a friend's newer monitor (HDMI-to-HDMI cable) and it works so there is no issue with the system. The same friend told me that the DVI-D connector on the cable I was given from the store was single-link (18+1 pins) and not dual-link (24+1 pins) so that might be the issue. After a quick search, I learned that the dual-link is able to handle bigger resolutions and refresh rates, but I don't care for that as it is a temporary setup. I just want it to work while I wait for my new monitor.

Any idea whether the single-link is at fault or something else from someone with a similar experience?


Hdmi to Dvi cable should work regardless. DL Hdmi to Dvi doesn't exist.

What's confusing me with your post is you've mentioned using motherboard video port and have no signal. Knowing that your processor doesn't have integrated graphics, video from motherboard won't work as the ports are inactive without an apu, ie 5600g. So my question is why this is and why not connect monitor to 3060 directly? Unless current monitor is port limited buuut Dvi to Hdmi cables are bi-directional.