Question No signal on monitor + constant orange light[New build]

Jul 27, 2019
First of all, I've tried a lot of things after reading trough the forum some issues regarding this problem and still I have that little orange devil there and no signal...

Mobo: ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming
GPU: Aorus RTX 2070 Super 8Gb
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x
RAM: 4x ADATA XPG Spectrix D41, 8GB DDR4, 3000MHz, CL16
PSU: Gigabyte G750H, 750W

So far I've done:
Checked the cables is they're corectly pluged in.
Checked all RAM slots with 1 piece(I tried with all 4 too and with dual RAMs)
Inserted GPU in both PCI-E slots
Checked if CPU was corectly inserted in slot
All PSU cables over verified if in correct slots and pushed corectly
Motherboard don't make any contact with the pc case due to those screws

I think I did not missed any steps...

So the problem is No Signal on monitor + a orange LED on mobo wich seems to be at DRAM. In user manul of mobo, isn't mentioned any orange LED, only white, red, green and YELLOW...
Looks like the mobo doesn't have a speaker to identify the problem with help of the sound
Picture of the devil: View:

I got the components today, a fresh build and I really have no more ideas what to try...
Except, I was thinking that I have to update the bios to help mobo see the CPU? I don't know, I'm waiting for your suggestions and I really hope to solve this.

Many thanks for you time looking over my post!

Edit: Mobo name