Question No signal on monitor everything else booted up fine, Solid white VGA debug LED

Oct 19, 2021
Just bought a budget PC build from the YT vid by ScatterVolt after I built it I tried to boot it up and everything worked except for the connection to my monitor, which just showed the normal no signal notification. The debug LEDs were flashing red on CPU, and then yellow on dram one after the other back and forward. I've tried moving the ram to different docs I've tried a different monitor I've tried a different HDMI cable I've tried a VGA cable, I've completely rebuilt it twice just to see if something wasn't connected right... I'm at a loss, help would be most appreciated.

UPDATE: I just moved the RAM sticks around a couple times and the flashing red and yellow on the CPU and DRAM stopped but now it's solid white on VGA and it still has no signal to the monitor
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