Question No signal on monitor

Jul 3, 2020
Ok so basically the other day I opened my pc to clean out dust I took out the ram sticks cleaned them put them back in exactly how they go then I disconnected the power cables that power the gpu now when I plug it in there is a red light and 1 blue light and it shows no display. there is suppose to be 2 blue lights but now there’s a red one and it won’t let me display I tried almost everything but I really need help. Everything is plugged in okay and I think it may be a gpu or motherboard or psu failure but I’m not the best so please help me. On the motherboard there is like red lights when I turn on the pc 2 red light flash then after a while theres only 1 red light and it goes to VGA like there’s something wrong with that? I don’t know what that is? I have some photos if can help me please I’d really appreciate it my number is 8624141830 if you need any pictures let me know please I really need help
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Jul 13, 2020
try to unplug all connections on the back on your pc and perform a cmos reset by holding the power button for like 10 seconds then try again

be sure the connections are intact and no loose ends

I'm not a pro but can you display your specs?

i have a similar problem like that but I solved it by:

cleaning the ram again if there is eraser or dirt in it

I included the gpu and erased the gold part on it too

then try now