Question "no signal" problem and hd audio ?

Sep 15, 2022
guys i have weird problem with no signal its sometimes coming randomly when i boot the pc or while not playing just browsing or after 5 min of playing game.
The weird thing about it when its giving me no signal when im booting the pc even if i restart it the problem with no signal remains unless i remove the hd audio from aafp slot from motherboard and its working immediately and every time i remove the hd audio and put it back the pc boot normaly and no problem with monitor signal for some reason.

I tried to remove hd audio and boot the pc without it to the check if the problem from hd audio or not but the pc always giving me no signal unless i put it back and from what i know the hd audio have nothing to do with monitor signal.

So any advice about it and what hd audio have to do with pc freezing and giving me no signal when i boot or when playing or just browsing ?

motherboard: prime365m-a
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