"No Signal" Problem

Sep 16, 2018
Hey, I just built my first ever gaming pc with my older brother, Thank you in advance for any help! :)

B350M motherboard
GTX 1060 3GB superclocked
ryzen 5 1600 w/ wraith cooler
8 gigs ram

I built the computer and then ended up setting it up w/ my monitor and it ends up booting up but not displaying anything on screen, or shows "no signal" and the keyboard and mouse don't light up when connected....

I thought "maybe its a problem with the ports, i got my phone charger and connected it to the motherboard's usb ports and it charges my phone so the usb ports DO work. now my only problem is the no signal issue.

I tried the following -

talking the 2 ram sticks out / putting one 4 gb ram stick in.
taking the motherboard's battery out
taking everything out and rebuilding the computer
putting the hdmi in the motherboard's hdmi port and try downloading the gpu drivers /
and it's been 3 days and nothing is working out.

The gpu fans are spinning about 180 degrees and stopping every second,
I ended up reading the manual, the debug lights indicates that the motherboard isnt reading the gpu and the ram sticks even though they're both fully clicked in. I'm stressing out as i tried everything in my power and my only choice is to get a pc inspection at micro center with 40$....40$ i don't have as i spent all my money on this pc (a year plus worth of saving up)