No signal to monitor, no fans running


Aug 25, 2011

The other day while using my computer (HP Pavilion Slimline) it shut down on me, and the monitor displayed a screen that said it wasn't getting a signal. I've plugged the monitor into a different computer and it works just fine. I've put in a new graphics card, but that didn't help. None of the fans in the computer are running, and it's making no start-up sound what so ever. When I press the power button, the fans move for half a second, and the green light on the back of the computer goes out. (The green light stays on when the power button is off.)

What could be the problem?
Here are the instructions for replacing the power supply in case you want to just swap it.

To see if the power supply is at fault you can start by ruling out other problems. Remove all cards from the PC. Remove memory. remove anything plugged into pc (usb, etc). try to power up. the motherboard will give you beep codes if it is getting good power (the beep codes will complain about having no memory). If no beeps then try a new PSU.

If you get the beeps, then reinstall parts one at a time until the pc is totally assembled and working (no uncommon) or until the PC fails. If the PC fails remove the last part and see if it starts working again.

Also, these PCs are known for bad air flow and heat buildup. Blow out the dust when you are in there. (I have a slimline for wife's office. E7500 based. I like it.)

Google your PSU and see which one fits. Then google the maker of the power supply and check their reputation. An HP part is probably expensive and fairly reliable. An off-brand PSU is the biggest headache even if it doesn't burn up on you. A quality PSU would be best, but you may have an off-size for the slimline.

Here are some more thoughts on debugging.