Question No signal when using DisplayPort.

Feb 28, 2021
I just recently built a new pc. When I was getting the computer to post I used an HDMI cable and everything worked fine. I went to plug in my DP cables because I’ve got 144hz monitors and I get no signal, but using hdmi works just fine. I know the GPU works because I’ve put it in my other computer and it works just fine. I’ve tried DDU and clearing out any drivers because I did use this GPU in my other computer before I built my new one. Once I was done with DDU I reinstalled drivers and it didn’t fix it. I’ve reseated the card and used the other PCIE slot and that doesn’t fix it either. I have a 2070 super but unfortunately it only has one HDMI port on it so I can’t see if that’d work. Is there something else I can try or is it possibly a motherboard issue? Also, when going in to display settings windows recognizes the other monitor. In the Multiple displays section it has a drop down arrow with “Disconnect this display” and when I change that to “Extend desktop to this display” I get a warning stating, “The display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings”

My specs are: Ryzen 5600X, RTX 2070 Super, 16gb of 3600mhz ram, Asus b550-f gaming mobo. Currently I’m using Windows 10 and have monitor one plugged in via HDMI. Since my gpu doesn’t have another hdmi port I can’t plug my other monitor in with hdmi.
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Please add your systems specs to this thread so we have an idea of what we're working with. Also include the OS and which monitor is connected where.

Lastly, this is a windows issue so I am moving this to our Windows 10 forum for you.

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