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Question No sound from graphics card


Aug 25, 2014
I have a asus rtx 2080, I connect it to my monitor through DP and use the monitor headphone jack to play sound through my speakers. Recently it stopped playing from the speakers and the only solution I found is to switch it from DP 1 to DP 2 on the graphics card. It worked until it stopped randomly again only to work when I switched the port back to the first one I was using. I didn't change anything when it quit working either time it was completely random. If it matters my mobo is a z390 aorus pro wifi. Any help would be appreciated thanks.


Have you updated Nvidia drivers lately?

If not, try a reinstall anyhow from GeForce.com/drivers. If you did update or unsure that you might've, try an older driver as well. There are several versions to try dating back from the very latest. If you try reinstall, choose the custom > clean install option in the Nvidia driver.

Or run Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode to wipe Nvidia drivers completely then try install driver again.

What happens if you change inputs via the monitor menu instead of physically replugging? Or even turn on/off the monitor?