Question No sound from Realtek HD Audio on ASUS Prime H370-Plus motherboard ?


May 27, 2017
I already have spent several hours trying to get the sound to work and reached the end of my options.

I recently purchased a second hand i7-8700k on a ASUS Prime H370-Plus and mounted it into my chassis and used my Win 10 system hdd.

Reinstalled all the system software, chipset, all drivers, etc. I updated the BIOS, checked HD Audio is enabled.

What baffles me, is that jacks are correctly detected by the system, I plug in a mic, the Realtek HD Audio Manager recognizes it. Headphones, same. I plug in speakers into the backpanel, they get recognized.
when I do sound tests, the little equalizer-like things in Windows show the green "sound" bars going right and left.
I have played with MHz settings, set the output to just "stereo", etc.

BUT: no sound. ever.
(I get sound through the the graphics card's DVI/HDMI though)

not one test was successful, from neither panel.
I also tried to get the mic working, but it produces no sound input at all.

I have updated everything to the latest version, loaded a new Intel .inf file, I have a done a CHKDSK, nothing is muted. the system works perfectly, all devices in the hardware manager are running with proper drivers, the event log doesn't show any problems apart from a handful of distributed com warnings for Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost.

I have removed and re-installed the Realtek HD Audio driver 3 times already, it always goes very smoothly, but the sound never works :-/

I you have an idea what else I could try, please post !
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