No sound from speakers please help


Nov 26, 2011
Hi all, I hope someone can help :hello:

I have 2 computers, one running windows 7 32 bit, and one running windows vista 64 bit linked by a Belkin KVM switch to the same monitor & creative 2.1 speakers. All has run ok since I installed the kvm switch a couple of years ago.

But this morning when I turned the Vista computer on, there was no sound from my speakers. I have checked all the settings and reinstalled the soundcard in the correct top PCI slot, where it already was,and up to date drivers. I have checked all the connections. Vista says the speakers are working ok, and the sound is working on the volume control icon.
It has an Asus maximus motherboard with the Asus supreme FX11 soundcard.

My other computer running windows 7 works perfectly with the speakers.

I have checked various forums with no luck......