Question No sound in [through] my rear motherboard port ?

Oct 25, 2020
Hello Guys!
Im having weird problem with my audio port in the back of my CPU PC, it doesnt give a sound but it detects my earphone/headset components its not muted. while the front port works fine and have a sound. It happends after i update my Realtek driver but before that everything work perfectly fine. I already did some troubleshooting from device manger updating the driver, roll back and also checking the sound panel enable/disabling it it doesnt work. I dont know what the problem cause maybe my board is damage, or i did the wrong troubleshooting or maybe the update doesnt compatible with my pc. Anyone having this issue or can give me some advise? Please comment guys really needed your help.

By the way this is my PC specs.
Processor : Intel G5400
Board : Biostar H310MHP
OS: Windows 10 64bit
Audio : ALC887, .1 Channels, High Definition Audio