No Sound in Windows after reinstall.


Dec 26, 2011

I recently had to reinstall the OS on the computer of my parents, because of a virus i suspect. Anyway so when i installed Windows Vista again and got everything up and running, i noticed that there was no sound. So i first checked if the kabels where properly installed, and they where. So then i wnt on to look in the Audio section in Windows, but drivers do seem to be active and no matter what i do with them i still get no sound. The speaker set is a 5.1 dell set and is connected to the motherboard via a yellow,black,white kabel system (sorry don't know the official name for it xD). I also removed and reinstalled realtek sound drivers but i doens't work!

So my question is if anyone can help me get my sound back!

An yes i have checked if the speakers where on and if the mute butten was on or off. The funny thing is that when is use a test sound in a configuration menu in windows, i do get sound from them but not anywhere else.

I have someone can help me with this cause i am at a loss.

Start > Run > services.msc
Scroll down to Windows Audio
Start the service and set it to automatic
(may have to reboot)


Jan 19, 2012
I am joining in because I to am at a loss. I have no sound coming out even tho everything tells me it is working. The test button makes a sound, the meter tells me it is working.
I have a dual boot, XP and Vista, guess what XP works fine and Vista has me pulling my hair out (going bald fast) LOL
I tried the Windows Audio and my is already set to automatic, I need another avenue to venture down. Any and all help would be appriciated. thx

Should start your own thread. This one already has responses, and may not be viewed by anyone else when they see the post count !