[SOLVED] No sound on GTX 1050Ti

Apr 26, 2021
Hi, today i installed a GTX1050ti in my pc, and quickly i realised that i dont have audio over hdmi port, im using old monitor so i use a hdmi to vga adapter.
But same configuration worked on my previous graphics card...
VGA and DVI cannot carry audio. If you could do audio over HDMI, there must be a separate audio cable between your HDMI converter and VGA monitor.

Check that the audio cable is present, connected properly and that your monitor's volume control isn't muted.
dvi can carry audio, but back then gpus didnt have soundcards so you had to use 2pin spdif from your soundcard/mainboard and connect it with gpu

but vga predates dvi, there were vga monitors with speakers built in, but it was just analog line out connection from soundcard