Question No sound or quiet some sounds in games and more

Aug 17, 2019
Hello, I've been having trouble with the open sound for a few weeks now. Example in escape from tarkov I can not hear the loud breathing of the character when tired, the steps of opponents above 5 meters and their own very poorly. The situation is the same in Rainbow six siege and in all games. Some sounds are very quiet. It's the same with system sounds and youtube sounds. There is a slightly louder sound in the right earpiece, but the balance doesn't do anything anyway because there's still no sound. Interestingly, the music in games is always louder than other sounds and looks good. It doesn't matter if you have mini-jack headphones, usb headphones or usb headphones or usb headphones with your own sound system. I reinstalled the realtek and razer synapse 3, I've also turned off the audio upgrades did not bring any results. What's more interesting, the problem occurs on my two computers, one from 2017 and the other one made on August 9th all new, except for the graphics card and frame memory. If someone for a reason, I will be very grateful on forums from my country, I set up posts and nobody knew what is with my computer. And I apologize for the grammar. I don't speak English very well

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